Book Review

March '14

A Circle of Wives (Hardcover / Paperback)
Alice LaPlante

Wow, this is a fast page turner/psychological novel/thriller/almost mystery from the author of the very popular Turn of Mind (2011).  Dr John Taylor is a trusted, respected plastic surgeon who devotes his life to reconstructing the faces of damaged children.  When he is found dead in a hotel room, the detective reaches out to his wife for help, and discovers that he has several, wives that is.  Deborah, his wife for several decades, is the one everyone knows, a local society figure. She knew about, and gave her tacit approval to wife #2, MJ, an accountant.  Then there is a third wife, and each wife is in a different city.  All three wives are suspects in the mysterious death of Dr Taylor because...(I can't tell you!  Read the book!)  The narration moves from wife to wife with each chapter, building suspense.  I really enjoyed reading this, and I could not put it down.