Book Review

March '14

The Accident (Hardcover)
Chris Pavone

This is an exciting new thriller by Chris Pavone, author of The Expats (1/2013), which I also enjoyed.  

The Accident is a manuscript, submitted to  literary agent Isabel in New York City, who hopefully will persuade the right editor to accept it for publication.  But once Isabel starts reading it, she can't stop - it's so compelling, so suspenseful.  The Accident is written about a major public figure, Charlie White, and seems to be an unauthorized biography which could expose him and bring down his company.  The author is "Anonymous" - and when Isabel tries to contact him at his email address, the emails bounce back.  Meanwhile, in Europe, the American CIA has an agent spying on a researcher who seems to be researching the book's subject, Charlie White.  Back in the U.S., Isabel's assistant is found murdered, an unauthorized copy of the manuscript of The Accident  missing from her work bag in her apartment.  A really good page turning thriller spy novel, set in the publishing industry.