Book Review

April '14

The Steady Running of the Hour (Hardcover)
Justin Go

I really liked this nice long saga, written by first time author Justin Go.

In the beginning, we meet a young man, Tristan, who lives in California.  Tristan receives news from a law firm in London that he might be heir to a vast fortune.  To receive the money, he has to prove that he is a descendant of the mysterious Miss Imogen-Soames Anderson.  A huge fortune was left in trust for her or her descendants 80 years ago by Mr. Ashley Walshingman, a famous mountain climber.  What is the connection between Imogen and Ashley?  How did both of them seemingly disappear?  As Tristan goes on his quest to prove he is the heir, the author tells the stories of Imogen the society girl, Ashley the world famous climber.  How did they know each other?   Could they have had a child together?  Good page turning fiction, some romance, war, suspense, and insight into the mind of an extreme climber.  This would be great for book club discussion.  Notice the maps!