Book Review

March '12

Arcadia (Hardcover / Paperback)
Lauren Groff

This book came to my attention when it received a positive, full page article in Bookmarks Magazine.  (The author is also known for her previous titles The Monsters of Templeton and Delicate Edible Birds.)  

Set in the 1970's on a commune in upstate New York, Arcadia has much to offer.  The book is divided into four sections.  In the first, we meet "Bit", the original child born of the hippies in the Arcadia commune.  Bit offers a wonderful, child's eye perspective on the positives of communal living. As the book progresses, we meet more residents, and witness how the community changes from the founder's original intentions to a free love all are welcome anarchy.  By the last section, Bit is an adult in 2018, searching in his present life for the things that meant so much to him growing up.  Great insight into the communes of the 70's and 80's, and well developed characters draw the reader through.