Book Review

April '15

Read Bottom Up (Hardcover)
Neel Shah and Skye Chatham

When you are looking for something funny, clever and amusing, this is the book for you!  I laughed out loud reading it (I was at my desk at the library, and I have a loud laugh!) and have been recommending it ever since.

Authors Shah and Chatham write about the treacherous and amusing world of modern dating.  Two single New Yorkers, Madeleine and Elliott meet at a restaurant opening, and attempt to date - a relationship which is aided and abetted by new technology.

What makes this book work is the way that the story is told.  Madeleine and Elliot's relationship develops in a series of emails and texts sent between them.  Immediately the reader sees how easy it is for Madeleine and Elliot to misinterpret the other's words, sent through cyberspace.  Adding another layer to their communication woes is that Madeleine texts and emails with her best friend Emily, often including portions of Elliot's communiques for Emily's interpretation and analysis.  Elliot is texting and emailing with his best friend David, asking him for advice on Madeline's emails and texts.  The reader has to laugh as these emails are played out on the page, every word and punctuation mark worried over for hidden meaning.  Then add in the ability to follow each other's twitter feeds, and facebook posts - so much room for error.

Read Bottom Up, published 4/8/15, is a quick read, sure to make you laugh, with a happily ever after ending.