Book Review

April '15

Beneath The Bonfire (Hardcover)
Nickolas Butler

Beneath the Bonfire will be published 5/5/15

It is a collection of short stories, which normally I would not be interested in, much less recommend, but this collection is written by Nickolas Butler who wrote Shotgun Lovesongs, which I LOVE, so I read these, and I'm glad I did.

Again, he sets his stories in rural Wisconsin, I'm guessing not far from the small town outside of Eau Claire where he has lived his whole life.  For the most part, these are stories about men, as was his novel.  So, if you are looking for a Father's Day or male birthday gift, this is a great choice.  Of course women will enjoy this book as well, but men are so darn hard to buy for, which is why I mentioned it.  

Several of these stories are sweet, and poignant, and several more are dark and fairly gritty.  The writing is excellent, and evocative.  Fair warning, though, that a lot of drinking and cussing goes on!