Book Review

August '15

Everybody Rise (Hardcover)
Stephanie Clifford

Sometimes, you just want a light, entertaining book that you can read on the beach, on vacation, by the pool, or when you don't want to have to think about what you are reading.

Everybody Rise is that book, and it will be published in hardcover August 18, 2015, just in time for your end of summer reading.

Everybody Rise is set in Manhattan, in 2006, and the main character is a 26 year old social climber named Evelyn Beegan.

Even though Evelyn's ambitious mother made sure she went to the right prep schools, the right college, Evelyn never felt she really fit in with the old money rich kids she was rubbing elbows with.

At age 26, she got a job with a start-up social media site which employs her to do just that.  The site is called "People Like Us" , and Evelyn's job is to recruit the creme de le creme of society to be profiled on the site, in the hope of attracting more of their kind to "People Like Us."  Despite working hard to ingratiate herself to the elite, and earning coveted invitations to the weekends in the Hamptons and the most prestigious charity benefits, Evelyn just can't keep up with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Calls from credit card and department store billing offices go ignored, and then her father has a very large, public, fall from grace.

Fun, page turning, gossipy, with a pink and green cover, Everybody Rise was featured prominently in People magazine.  A good beach read.