Book Review

July '15

The Story Hour (Paperback)
Thrity Umrigar

I am really intrigued by this book (it will be in paperback 7/28/15) and think it will be great for book discussion.

Main character Lakshmi, an Indian immigrant, is despondent about her marriage and the work she is forced to do in her husband's grocery store.  A desperate suicide attempt brings her to the hospital, and the attention of Dr. Maggie Bose, a psychologist.  Maggie is African American, and like Lakshmi, married to an Indian man.

Moved by her patient's plight, Maggie agrees to provide therapy privately, and at no cost. The doctor/patient line becomes blurred, and perhaps unethical.

Each woman has her secrets, which the author reveals only toward the end of the book, to great effect.

The narrative point of view switches back and forth between Maggie and Lakshmi, and Lakshmi's story is told in broken English - in sharp contrast to Maggie's educated voice.

A good read (by the author of The Space Between Us) that will keep you thinking long after you have finished it.