Book Review

July '15

Circling The Sun (Hardcover)
Paula McLain

This book, written by the author of The Paris Wife, is fabulous historic fiction.  I was sad when it was over, and can't wait to dicuss it with my book clubs.

Main character Beryl Markham was (really) a record breaking (1936)  transatlantic pilot and the first English woman to be licensed as a race horse trainer.

Beryl grew up in Africa, learning horse training at her father's knee.  She was raised without a mother present, and from a young age, ran with the local tribesmen and their children, Swahili her first language.  Governesses and boarding schools could not tame her.

Beryl Markham wrote a book about her life entitled West With the Night, which was the inspiration for Paula McLain's fictional interpretation of her life.  The author has done a great job telling the story of Markham's unconventional, adventuresome life, creating a page turning story about horse racing, flying, love and lust.

It may remind you of Out of Africa, in a good way.

I highly recommend Circling The Sun by Paula McLain, due out in hardcover July 28.