Book Review

November '15

Saving Sophie (Paperback)
Ronald Balson

This is the newest legal thriller by Chicago trial attorney Ronald Balson, who wrote When We Were Brothers, a huge success.  Both were published as paperback originals, Saving Sophie in September 2015. 

Main character Jack Sommers was one of two attorneys on a huge deal in which 88 million dollars of the client's money went missing. The client, a prominent manufacturer who dabbles in fixing sporting events, is furious - and wants his money!  The other attorney in the deal was murdered, and Jack has disappeared.  Where could he be?  Enter the team of hunky Chicago Private Investigator Liam Taggart, and his love, beautiful Attorney Catherine Lockhart.  They discover that Jack Sommer's daughter, Sophie, has been taken by his late wife's parents to live with them in Palestine, following a hotly contested custody battle.  Jack wants his daughter Sophie back, and will stop at almost nothing to retrieve her from his evil father in law, a prominent physician who is head of a violent splinter group which is planning terrorist attacks on Israel.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this, as it is very different from my usual taste.  Saving Sophie is fast paced, and had me on the edge of my seat as I cheered for the good guys, racing to reunite Sophie with her loving dad.  The romance between P.I. Taggert and Attorney Lockhart, which began in When We Were Brothers, flourishes here, and serves as diversion from some grim detective work.  This will appeal to a wide audience, men and women alike.