Book Review

June '16

The Decent Proposal (Hardcover)
Kemper Donovan

I am often asked to recommend a "light but good" read; a story great for vacation, commuting, or simply escapist reading. Well written, page turning, and not a book that makes you think too hard. This is that book!

Our main two characters are Richard, the hunky off again/on again hard partying L.A. actor/small bit film producer and Elizabeth, a voluptous Latina lawyer with strict rules and a secret in her past.  They are introduced in a most unusual way.

Richard and Elizabeth are summoned to a lawyer's office with an offer that is too good to refuse.  A mysterious benefactor promises them each $500,000.00, thats half a million dollars apiece if they will just spend two hours talking to each other each week.  No other stipulations, that's the deal.  Who could say no?  The unlikely pair quickly realizes that they have nothing to talk about, and in fact are rather uncomfortable with each other, so they start a book and movie club.  This forces them to read/watch the same thing during the week in order to have conversational fodder for their two hour slot on the weekend.  They start to have feelings for each other, which are complicated by their relationships with other people.  (Richard's best friend/former girlfriend/but not current girlfriend Michaela a.k.a Mike, is instantly jealous of Elizabeth.)

A fun, quick read. Be prepared to suspend belief at several points in the book, and accept that such a proposal could be made, acted on, and the reveal (in the last 20 pages of the book) of the benefactor's motives. (P.S. interesting that the author is a lawyer!)