Book Review

September '17

Origin (Hardcover)
Dan Brown

Dan Brown's newest book, Origin, will be published October 5, 2017.  Need I say more? (The DaVinci Code)

In the introduction to the newest of the Robert Langdon thrillers, Edmond Kirsch, internationally renowned computer genius and predictor of things to come (market crashes, political coups) meets with leaders of the world's three major religions. He tells them that he has discovered something that will shock organized religion, and challenge beliefs held for centuries. (but he won't tell us what it is!)

Robert Langdon is invited to  "An Evening with Edmond Kirsch," his former student at Harvard.  A short notice invitation, complete with a plane ticket, and a personal plea from Kirsch to attend.  The meeting is to be held at the Guggenheim museum in Bilboa Spain.  Kirsch promises to reveal during this evening something that will change the face of science forever. Of course, danger rears it's ugly head, and the presentation does not go as planned.  Someone wants Krisch silenced, and it's up to Robert Langdon to save the day! This promises to be another page turning face paced thriller. Can't wait!