Book Review

December '17

The Story of Arthur Truluv (Hardcover)
Elizabeth Berg

This is a lovely story from Elizabeth Berg, author of Tapestry of Fortunes and The Last Time I Saw You. 

Main character Arthur has lost his wife Nola, the love of his life.  Each day, he faithfully visits her grave, bringing his chair and lunch so he can eat his midday meal with her.  He talks to her about this and that, tidies her grave site, and promises to come back the next day.

One day he noticed a teenage girl wandering among the graves, occasionally sitting down.  Why, he wondered, would she be there during the school day, and why on earth would she be wearing all black clothes, with rips in her jeans, and a ring through her nose like a cow?

He introduced himself, her name is Maddy. She likes to come to the cemetery during her school lunch to take photographs, and compose poems,  She likes the peace and quiet, away from the students who tease her. Arthur and Maddy form a deep friendship, talking often and deeply.  She nicknames him "Truluv" for his everlasting love for his late wife.

Later, Maddy gets herself into quite a predicament, and runs away from home.  Her kindly teacher and wife offer to take her in, she knows it won't work out.  She and her dear friend Arthur come to an arrangement that works out beautifully for both of them.  I won't ruin the book by telling you how it turns out, though rest assured that neither Arthur nor Maddy are lonely again.

I don't often cry while reading, for this book, I advise having a few kleenex at hand.